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tv   Japans War Game  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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greatest duncombe thing to listen to content thoughts is astonishing in the stock market it will kill most of us look at your proposal hand-picking as bizarre looked like it was extended in the rate that is the normal us was a look at i was i me that this was my most on someone instrument took a. look at the miles not speak evil of course really and stuff but in fact i suspect he was a yes person you don't really read the early this large movement consider going on leaves. in the us. say see if you're trying waving your sponsor send us. an email you would support us in your arms around the song for more losses noticed in the. times because as mr or maybe a miracle this was the man i know let's call premium.
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it's kind of strange with some of corporate america manifesting you know christian going this year next week in the majors remember ok so you see this with us i feel for going to a place at every event they made their last point. is see have just said that's midwest and those to see that now and that but some of them they make that they get when noise to sell costco not by side was a costly is put on the optimus had a matter of record for 11 that is then with your supporters that lovely things have a chorus of the could no longer and i suspect that the president but i. think what i think that being a member of the it is i really don't cement but they said something bush. that that this battle.
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was over this must be because you didn't get this or that they sneak over the governor just said no. you just put it all to start are more the put on the one you look around we're just using. the rest of these. 8 of. them who didn't know me not. to come and sit up with him that. didn't sit in the most a place. where they. simply said it was you could do you could be misleading me down in thinking without an asterisk would you have also used this is what you think when you did that one when you can run ongoing argument about why the who did it isn't going to be able to get out me and just close the windows and is not a door. because. you can remove egolessness maybe closest to the seat of living in the middle and make sure all you're listening to music is to music i think just
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because i mean most of us. see. the level must accompany what is on the seat of my how to get my money how nominally you know my. love for money i can be the last and among bunya to handle the. numbers as you've done cyber physical give me a guy who would have a little. more going to wear clothes for you the narrow book the messiah i love the battle better is. a blast. the person that is going to run through my smile for the 1st next door to us in particular because i'm cordless with. the mother i'm
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a poor girl i saw in the sadness right in the over the loss of. interest in general so when we were just going to stop saying that the. jury. had to live. there when he took you. to take the communal me. bring him again i was a little bit because. i'm nervous about i have him. you'll. recall the mine on the bus we regret i mean there is a real 100 there was minimal. on.
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the outside and i. think you. know that was not a good start for the new car. oh. ok. i want to take a long way in which i just don't need to be on the legacy that you want isn't your . way to go but yes it. doesn't is delighted to see some of the less of the. people that will have. to go if this. gets better than what you're. used to most because. suddenly going to say you haven't come out of the commons and. i got your book at them which. say that the number of votes in the world at the numbers you see with
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them and what. little you cause is the story of me they start unless you happen to have a hard to hide a die hard the they've got to see hussein land they're even a star he's done a video. to sell is best for me dad mother would you rather look in the. well from a general mckiernan which is similar you may be missing there much of the film value to me a lot of the goodness like of the like of the little boy little me a little one under the learning good there your love is love this is your look at dinner after all he sings well below 0 never. got one of the bigger. so your doctor ordered a clinic or so because you wanted to be that the service was pretty sweeping it up and i mean. that's just the whole mask on thing you're making
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a study essay the map of. one day you're hoping inspire low self-esteem loss. of a muscle lettuce by years. in los alamos up to a half dozen level most young people who see it at a month. or more you know sign. a more than a 7 now that we do see get out of the land has to again janet and. i love it evilness you. just love my job but the last part of the balance you go. badal better to be really less. because i'm part of the meet them it was on but at the historia yeah it goes through your last interview that that idea that i'm in no room her pussy really managed that and this and bill missed us workers.
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some the system is he says to. the communists in the corner already see that you fit into this basket. some of this at. any rate it's. never going to see intelligence in that insist that he killed the internet in. that. book it's almost see him doing that here in the senate that diseased place. dostana system. is one but a saturday the. one quarter revenue you see on the last.
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she said give me the opening to suggest that it is 1000000 signatures. when i. needed a bit of a business. deal. and manders. passion . to any successful side. mexico's most loved it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the produces are forced to balance creative and social issues with the dimanche of commercialise ation. our sides of aa it's episode 4 of soapbox mexico on al-jazeera.
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i'm victoria my childhood was not always easy my mother was suffering from severe
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depression through making this film i hope to understand my mother's mental illness and to find out if the conditions for the mentally ill have improved literally millions of people can be treated to receive knowing how many occasions we all have a duty to change attitudes. mental illness breaking the sun on al-jazeera. has threatened iran with further sanctions after the islamic republic announced it will start and reaching uranium beyond the agreed to let us under the nuclear deal . i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. change of
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government in greece the center right authorization claims victory in a snap election. for the last countries to sign up to will be the world's biggest free trade deal. russian tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience and there's turbulence on the horizon for georgia's flights between the 2 countries are grounded. united states as iran will not attain a nuclear weapon and has threatened it with further sanctions and greater isolation this comes after tehran announced it would enrich uranium to levels greater than agreed to as part of the 2 $1015.00 nuclear deal until now iran's kept the maximum level of iranian purity at 3.7 percent that it's enough to make electricity only becomes nuclear bomb grade material if it's an. 90 percent of the iranians deny wanting nuclear weapons even so it will reduce its compliance rather with the deal
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every 2 months unless other signatories or to stop u.s. sanctions the deal does have a dispute resolution mechanism france says that will not be a trigger at least for now but the dispute cannot if it cannot be resolved as un sanctions could follow reaction from washington in a moment for as a measure avi has more from tehran is the boldest step iran has taken so far in its choreographed campaign to reduce compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal on sunday morning it announced it would start enriching uranium to higher levels than allowed under the joint comprehensive plan of action. in a few hours the technical process will come to an end on enrichment above 3.67 percent will begin tomorrow when the i take the sample the level will be higher. iranian leaders warned for months if the international community did not help their country reap the benefits guaranteed in the way it will no longer honor its
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commitments the level of enrichment is unclear but senior leaders have suggested it could be as high as 5 even 20 percent still far from the 90 percent needed for weapons grade uranium there has been a flurry of diplomatic activity in recent weeks with meetings of the united nations security council and the commission in vienna there was hope that an injection of cash into in stack's or european bypassed u.s. banking sanctions might convince iran not to roll back cooperation in stakes. in stakes is a good 1st step is taking too long it can only be successful if europe by some well located some credit to it is not useful yet but is politically significant in a call with president hassan rouhani on saturday night french president emmanuel acknowledged that nations had been unable to mitigate u.s. sanctions but he also warned his iranian counterpart of the consequences of weakening the deal mccrone and rouhani have agreed to a deadline of july 15th for all parties to resume talks what comes next is unclear
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. so far the international atomic energy agency the un's nuclear watchdog has issued 15 separate reports confirming iran's cooperation with the way when iran breached a nuclear stockpile limit last week the i.a.e.a. refrained from reporting that as a violation with this latest move that could change. everyone benefited from us adopting the the u.s. made a strategic mistake by leaving it but we will not stay in it at any cost the decision taken today is in order to preserve the j.c. but it depends on other parties now to say the deal is fragile is to perhaps understate the complicated power dynamics at play the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal in may last year reimposing unilateral sanctions crippling an economy that was experiencing a long awaited period of growth since then remain. signatories to the deal have been caught in the middle of escalating tensions between to ron and washington but despite recent military escalation in the gulf at its core this dispute is economic
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and putting pressure on the seems to be iran's way of dealing itself a stronger hand. so when about the u.s. can attend meetings if sanctions are lifted how would that process go 1st or land banking sanctions and then other things that led to status before the u.s. pulled out of the deal iran was exporting up to 2800000 barrels of oil a day as one of the largest producers in the world it wants back into the international oil market for now the spokesman of iran's atomic energy agency says it will not renew work at nuclear facilities that was halted as part of the j.c.b. away but iran's deputy foreign minister had a warning iran can do so whenever it wants and if in the coming 60 days their demands are not met that's exactly what iran might do next zain bus robbi al-jazeera. as president has warned iran about breaching the limit of enriched uranium thank you thank you very for free thank
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god thank you. chairman towns yes more from washington amid warning to iran to be cow for trump did also say something rather interesting he said he was suggesting that all he was doing was expediting a process that would have had to happen anyway because of the very sudden pauses in the j.c. p.o.a.'s the iran nuclear deal there are a various various moments 20252030 where new negotiations have to occur in order to keep the iranian nuclear view growing so what he was saying was that we were going to have to have those negotiations anyway all i'm trying to do is to get a better deal. the problem is with this presentation of all the transactions as a consumer by getting the best deal possible the deal maker in chief as iran always points out it's very difficult to take that seriously to take that that that idea
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that you're simply have the best interests of everyone of hard when you're filling the entire gulf region with weaponry when you're starving the iranian economy and its people with of resources through silent sions and you're surrounded by people who've always made it very clear that they'd rather like to bomb iran to pieces so this is the problem that we face and the other problem of course is we have the jury c.p.o. a what does donald trump possibly think would be a better deal it's simply not clear opposition leader characters mr tucker says he has a strong clear mandate to change greece olinger snap election center right new democracy party has won a sweeping victory pushing prime minister alexis tsipras out of office plus as more from athens. the leader of the new democracy party got 40 years to pull not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the 1st time in 15 years the others who took these says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners. but this
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wasn't just an expression of the will to close a painful chapter for our country it was much more than the back to the feet of the people in their strength is the desire to take our fates into our own hands news to prove that we can do great things you know own country. the pressure is now on me to thank you's to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the greek economy and helped create 700000 jobs in his 1st term he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but greece can only afford them if international bailout creditors agree to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 20. he turned when greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of me to thank you 4 and a half years of rule by cities a prime minister alexis to put us raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the new democracy party in the last election in 2015
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promised he would be the vanguard of a left wing revolution across europe to defeat the austerity policies imposed on greece that caused recession and unemployment. ultimately capitulated to those policies in order to keep greece in the eurozone despite cities are raising the minimum wage cutting sales tax and offering more benefits to pensioners this year it seems to have been too little too late for that. i will receive mr mr tarkus into the palace so to hand over to him the office of prime minister as is done in the democratic stage i would like to from the bottom of my heart thank all the members and friends of our party who gave a good fight in a viable condition. in order to double its growth rate of growth much faster greece will need huge levels of foreign investment in the coming years and that will be
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perhaps the biggest challenge on the economic front and that needs a lot of structural reform which sometimes takes time there's more at stake here than the economy for the past decade greeks have watched their politicians being dictated to by their creditors the international monetary fund and the euro because those politicians didn't want to assume ownership of unpopular reforms. like his predecessors it's a thank you says he wants to restore greek sovereignty and dignity but unlike when he wants to do it in collaboration with european union partners. the venezuelan opposition leader says he'll resume talks with president nicolas maduro government meetings expected to take place in barbados as. early as this week while gotos are presented as last met with government figures and norway it may but those discussions stalled or oil rich venezuela has been ravaged by 5 years of economic chaos marred by shortages of food medicines and other basic necessities
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the punch deeper into political turmoil in january when declared himself acting president amnesty international is urging the un to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as murderous and a new report the rights group says extrajudicial judicial killings are continuing unabated 3 year since president nicholas president robbery go to terror tape pardon me came to office and launched his crackdown and its international support goes on to say it's impossible to know exactly how many people have died but the victims are overwhelmingly from poor and marginalized communities and jerry and veteran of the latest nations to sign the african free trade deal at a summit and there are $54.00 of the $55.00 countries in africa are now part of the single market agreement eritrea is the only african country that hasn't signed up to the deal it didn't participate in negotiations because of its conflict with ethiopia and still remains hesitant be a quarter of those 90 percent of trade tariffs between signatory states trading is
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set to start in the year to give member states time to prepare for us as more from the african union summit and as harris capital niamey. stepped up security in the hurt of the capital underlining the growing concerns not only here in the sahara region of africa but in many other parts of the continent. from north to south east to west and in the hurt of africa to government struggling to contain communal clashes and violent extremism. african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps fuel the fighting experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that are going to correct criminals take advantage of this free movement you know to. one country to another and that is can just his or to perpetrate their yeah and if i missed opportunities so definitely looking for the for the to.


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